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Volunteer center Lékořice

Lékořice, z.s. was founded in 2005 with the aim of creating a range of programs and activities which improve patients’ experiences in Thomayer hospital, Prague.

The hospital management supported this initiative from the outset, in particular through providing space and facilities for the Volunteer Centre Lékořice within the hospital grounds and taking part in its activities.

The objective of the volunteer program in the hospital is to provide support to patients during their stay in hospital, which can be a difficult time. Volunteers visit patients and offer them support and opportunities to communicate. However, it is important that volunteers are not focused on the patient’s medical problems, but on the aspects of their lives that remain healthy, as well as on what they are still able to do, and what makes them happy.

Thanks to volunteers ´regular visits, the patients and medics can stay in touch with the “healthy” world outside. Volunteers bring a breath of fresh air and a fresh perspective, thereby improving the atmosphere on the hospital wards which they visit.

Art and musical activities have been particularly popular on the wards. Volunteers help patients create art (paintings, drawing, sculpture) to decorate their rooms and corridors. Volunteers also run group sessions in singing, playing musical instruments and listening to recorded music. These kinds of activities were, not long ago, unimaginable in a hospital environment in the Czech Republic.

Patients look forward not only to seeing people, but also four-legged volunteers. Specially trained dogs, accompanied by their trainers, make regular visits to patients’ rooms or communal areas and bring a great deal of joy, as well as helping break up the long days.

Thanks to the hospital management support and an excellent cooperation with the staff in the departments where the program takes place, it has been possible to organize specialized activities and projects. These are for example: aromatherapy, training of memory for senior patients, tutoring of children and walks or trips with patients.


Recently, the volunteer come to 10 departments and clinics:
• Children´s surgery clinic and traumatology
• Pediatric clinic
• Department of children´s neurology
• Department of children´s psychiatry
• Hospice I.
• Hospice II.
• Clinic of internal diseases I.
• Clinic of internal diseases II.

• Surgery clinic

• Department of social beds

In average, about 70 to 80 volunteers come to the hospital once a week for 2 to 3 hours. In the volunteer center database, there are another 120 volunteers available to help with the wide range of one-off events organized by VC Lékořice during the year, i.e. seasonal second hand sales in the Chapel of the Thomayer Hospital, a Children´s Fair for approximately 600 children, patients and members of the public, the traditional St. Nicolas day distribution of gifts and art workshops for seniors.

The voluntary work was enlarged by “company volunteering” in 2007. Employees of different companies come to the hospital to visit patients or help during the one-off events for VC Lékořice or the hospital.

The patients can share their fears of the illness, of difficult situations and stressful periods of life thanks to the project “Coordination of spiritual care”. Through the spiritual care coordinator´s mediation, this project offers patients the possibility of talking, singing, reading, prayer or participation in of religious ceremonies. The service is offered to any patients interested in taking part, regardless of their religion.

Since 2008, the center cooperates also with a play therapist. She is in every-day contact with patients in children departments and also with seniors, she knows their needs and facilitates the involvement of volunteers in her activities and plans.

Center of assistant care (CAC)

The Center of Assistant Care was founded in 2008 by the association of volunteers´ activities, activities of the game therapist, of the coordinator of spiritual care and by realization of special grant projects (i.e. “I help till I can” – for seniors, “Doggy cure” – canistherapy on children´s department and more…) An effective model of coordinated activities was created with a common objective: physical (psychological? psycho-social?) support to patients and stuff and better atmosphere and feeling in the hospital.

The CAC focuses also on education – it organizes courses, seminars and conferences on psychosocial assistance for volunteers, medical stuff and also for public.

Together with MUDr. Ivana Kořínková – expert supervisor of volunteer programs in hospitals – the CAC organizes also a special course for coordinators of volunteers in hospitals.
More activities

Since 2007, the association has its volunteer program also in IKEM (the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine), where patients are in three specialized centers. Volunteers keep patients company and organize so-called club evenings – about art, music, travelling…

The volunteer program in the Thomayer Hospital has developed in both qualitative and also quantitative ways. The VC Lékořice has recently become a Consultative Center for all hospitals and non-profit organizations from the Czech Republic that want to involve volunteers to the care of patients.


Lékořice, z.s.
Pod Slovany 4/1977
Praha 2 128 00 Czech Republic

IČO: 270 02 110

Bank connection: ČSOB, Senovážné náměstí 32, Praha 1
Account number: 197 097 837/0300

Office: Thomayer Hospital, Vídeňská 800, Praha 4 – 140 00, Czech Republic
pavilion A1 – ground floor, at the end of the corridor

Mgr. Miroslava Flemrová, executive director
Phone number: 261 083 470
Mobile phone number: 606 312 982
e-mail: miroslava.flemrova@lekorice.com

Lékořice, z.s., Thomayerova nemocnice, Vídeňská 800, 140 59 Praha 4 – Krč
e-mail: komunikace@lekorice.com | tel.: 261 083 470